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5 types of firecrackers you must try this Vishu

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Mid April marks a special occasion for people across the length and breadth of the country as it signifies the bloom of a new year in several traditions. In Kerala, the occasion is celebrated as Vishu and this marks the first day of the new astronomical year and Medam, which denotes the traditional spring equinox. People of Kerala celebrate the auspicious occasion with people of Tamil Nadu celebrating Tamil Puthandu, Punjabis celebrating Baisakhi, Assamese celebrating Bihu and with the Bengalese who celebrate Poila Boishakh.

Vishu Kani

Vishu Kani is an inseparable, age-old, beautiful custom of Vishu. This is based on the belief that taking a sight of the Kani as the first thing to do in dawn, offers fortune, abundance and prosperity throughout the year. The eldest female in the family wakes up way earlier than others, lights the dhiyas and takes an auspicious look of the Kani. She then wakes up everybody else in the family and makes sure that they do not look at anything else by chance, but Vishu Kani at the first sight.

Vishu Padakkam

Padakkam in Malayalam means ‘Fire Crackers’. Right after Vishu Kani is the Vishu Padakkam which is an important tradition and custom followed during Vishu, where people and children enjoy crackers and fireworks, the previous evening and on the day of Vishu. Sales of fire crackers on the day of Vishu suggested that way more crackers are sold in Kerala on the occasion of Vishu than on the occasion of Deepavali.

Must-try Fire Crackers for Vishu celebrations

At Sivan Crackers, we have arranged an exclusive line up of day and night crackers for Vishu celebrations. What is more luxurious than being able to celebrate the auspicious Vishu with favorite cracker varieties hand-picked from more than 150+ types.

1. Rockets

Crackers at night signify goodness over evil akin to dhiyas or lamps that indicate light over darkness. Crackers are a fascinating subject for people of all kinds, irrespective of their age. Getting together as a family to witness how a Lunik rocket or Sky Whistling rockets fly high to burst open into a beautiful umbrella of lights to put everybody wondering about the magnificence displayed above. Light your Vishu as you light the sky with rockets propelling to extraordinary heights.

You should also try sky shot displays from SIvan crackers that come in various sizes and shapes. 4”Digital Star/ Fly King Fisher crackling is a must try.

2. Ground Chakras

Ground chakras are round-shaped crackers which when ignited whirls around to spread and sparkle light in all directions. Ground Chakras at Sivan Crackers come in three sizes and types- Ground Chakkars big, Ground Chakkars Deluxe and Ground Chakkars Special. The circular spinning chakra sends out beautiful sparkles and flames to create an appearance of a blooming flower. Have a beautiful Vishu celebration with incredibly amazing ground chakkars from Sivan Crackers.

Blooming ground, guaranteed with crazily spinning ground chakkars.

3. Cracklers and Flower Pots

If you are looking for a firecracker for your children, we recommend that you try flower pots. Flower pots are the safest for children. They are cone-shaped crackers that, when ignited, send sparkles in the form of flowers around the area. Traditional flower pots come in different sizes - Buy your favourite ones from Sivan Crackers. Reclaim your childhood memories as you also help your children create a memory for their life. Mega cracklers are the contemporary version of flowerpots Star Show and White Crackling from Sivan Crackers are the most sought after crackers for children to celebrate Vishu.

4. Fountains

Does your Vishu firecracker bag feel incomplete even after shopping for hours? It could probably be because you have missed out on fountain crackers.

Fountain fireworks are very attractive and appealing to children. When ignited they send fountains of spark up into the air. At Sivan Crackers, we offer unique fountain firecrackers and they come in different types and forms. Top ten among them include,

  1. Gudiya Mud Fountain
  2. Tin Fountain
  3. 180 Degree Fancy Fountain
  4. Mini Colour Fountain
  5. Multi Function Fountain
  6. Colour Cracking Fountain
  7. Mega Fountain
  8. Double Wonder Fountain
  9. Mini Colour Fountain
  10. Multi Colour Fountain.

No wonder everybody loves fountain fireworks. Fountains lit up your house and surroundings like no other. Celebrate Vishu and cherish the occasion with fountain crackers and fireworks from Sivan Crackers.

5. Garland Crackers

For many, garland crackers are the first thing that light up the spirit and mood of festivals including Vishu and Deepavali. For some, cracker cravings do not end until they hear a boom in their head as they fire up Garland crackers. Cherish your Vishu as you bundle up your courage, fire the garland cracker, shut your ears, and close your eyes as the firework shakes your ground with a BOOM! Bijilis, Bombs, Hi-Fi Garlands, Paper Bombs, and many more await as you welcome a beautiful year on the occasion of Vishu!

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