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Common questions and answers to those.
Are you selling crackers online?
No. Since the honorable Supreme Court of India has banned selling firecrackers online, Sivan Crackers don't sell crackers online. The customers can view all our products, add the products they wish to a basket and request us an estimate. Purchase and payment cannot be done online thru this website.
How can I make the payment?
Payment for the desired products can be deposited at our bank account thru NEFT/IMPS or thru UPI. The bank account details are available at Payment Information page.
I have made transferred payment, what's the next step?
Once you have transferred the payment, the same shall be intimated to us thru phone or WhatsApp. The contact numbers are available in the Contact page.
How can I track my order?
You can always find your order status here. Enter the order ID and email address you used while booking to find the order details.